Step by step, paw by paw in other words photos and stages of evolution of litter F.

Knowing that Carmen is pregnant we started preparation to labour and coming puppies. For this occasion we had prepared whole room. Because this litter is going to be growing up in Winter and most of the time they will be in home, we took steps to prepare the most differentiated playground, which assure them entertainment and many stimulus.Right now there is only birth-coop, but tents, tunnels, balls, tyres, toys, etc. are ready and wait for relevant age of not even born puppies ;).

5th week of pregnancy: Puppies are going to be socialised still being in Carmen’s belly. Since form about 38 day of pregnancy puppies react to touch – regular patting their mummy on belly. Besides patting Carmen, we also spend more time on long walks, but without craziness :).

6th week of pregnancy is over. Carmen is getting on weight. Unfortunately it is difficult to pick this in pictures, because Carmen is like real model and when she sees camera she tries to look slim :). Despite that here are some pictures from last week. We had in plans spending the weekend over the lake, however we couldn’t that is why we “only” went to countryside. Carmen very likes ountryside – ducks, chickens, horses, cows, and other not everyday met animals certainly gave relevant stimulus to puppies through positive Carmen’s feelings.

7th week of pregnancy was the last week of variations, so Carmen made me a visit in my office from where we go for a walk to city centre. She wasn’t impressed at all, but maybe children were impressed though? ;). Right now Carmen is more tired therefore she spends her day on mainly sleeping and eating with brakes on walks ;). In order no to spend time such monotonous, we try to remember about training and train even the most simple commands and tricks :). We also don’t forget about every day patting mommies belly, because puppies very like this, which can be felt :)

2 days before delivery Carmen didn’t show that she is going to born puppies (picture), but in night from Sunday to Monday she was very unsettled, so I knew that delivery is going to start soon. It started on Monday 1st of November at 17:45 pm and went well and quickly until 20:40 pm. 8 puppies were born: 4 black, 2 black and tan males and 1 black, 1 black and tan female. Photos from first day.
Unfortunately, next night was very difficult for us. At 4:30 am Turquoise (black male) passed away ;(. Postmortem examination determined malformation (the small bowel didn’t work properly), which unfortunately happens.
The rest of the puppies are very well, all of them are bustling, with good appetite and are quite loud ;) Photos of each puppy alone.

From three until sixteen day of puppies’ life we are going to make so called early neurological stimulation. What it is all about? Those are 5 simple exercises which are aimed to strengthen circulatory system, increasing resistance for stress and illnesses. Each puppy is given 3-5 sec. exercises, which consist of: touch stimulus, changing positions (vertical, horizontal, up side down) and term stimulation (puppy is lay down on wet, cold towel). A few photos from stimulation.

Puppies finished first week. They are bigger, louder and faster ;)

Photos from first week of puppies’ life.

Puppies finished second week.They are growing up, puting on weith and what is most important they start walking ang opening their eyes :D

Photos from second week of puppies’ life.

Puppies finished third week. During this week they totally opened their eyes, learn to walk firmly and their teeth are cutting. Puppies started first dogs plays and “walks” over the birth-coop. Because the early neurological stimulation has finished, right now we are providing other attractions like for example walking on different base, putting legs under the water running from tap, and of course patting and hugging them by people in different age.

Photos from third week of puppies’ life.

Puppies finished fourth week! This is almost month since they birth. They started eating (foodstuff puppy starter), almost all teeth were cut and as a result they bite everything what can be bitten also siblings ;). Last week was also full of acoustic stimulus. Except of everyday radio programmes, sounds of vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and other natural house sounds puppies listened to drilling machine, which was for them nothing to care about :). Also daddy Jamal and new owners pay puppies a visit. In one word week full of attractions.

Photos from fourth week of puppies’ life.

Small puppies are not small any more! Fifth week last quickly, mainly on plays. Despite plays puppies for the first time were outside, because we had nice temperature. Puppies very liked the snow ;) Puppies were visited by children, their parents, aunts, grandmothers, etc. – I could say that play with people seems to be more fun than playing with each other.

Photos from fifth week of puppies’ life.

Puppies finished sixth week. Bardzo dzielnie zniosły pierwsze szczepienie i kolejne odrobaczanie. Odbyły również pierwszą podróż samochodem, która nie sprawiła im najmniejszego problemu. Zabawom na śniegu pewnie nie było by końca, gdyby nie mrozy które do nas zawitały i skracają czas wychodzenia na dwór. Maluszki odwiedziły tatusia Jamala i ciocię Małą, która pozwalała im na prawie wszystko ;).

Movies photos from sixth week of puppies’ life.

Another week full of atractions is over. With visit came to us, “Aunt” Julia, which could be confidently called the godmother because she assisted in puppiesbirth through phonecall and all the time closely monitor the progress of puppies. I will not describe her visit, you better read how Julia describes it: click.
17.12. was a litter control carried out by the manager of Molossian section dogs, an international judge Mrs. Joanna Kiełkiewicz. Puppies bravely abolished the tattooing and delighted judge with their behavior and beauty;) They were described like that: Litter Control Protocol.

Photos by Julka of the seventh week of puppies’ life.