Why HOVAWART and not another breed?

Hovawart is a medium height dog with a balanced psyche. This type of dog is perfect for work, both in terms of sport and utility. Dogs of this breed has been used for long time as guardians of their backyards and homes. They are characterised by a great sense of smell and ability to distinguish the real from the simulated threat. Another feature that makes so many happy owners of Hovawarts is their friendly attitude to other animals and children, of course under condition that both dog and child are properly prepared.
Hovawart is a great friend of human, a family member who is able to behave in every situation, but this race has its own requirements:

As every dog ??needs love and human intimacy, but also the consequences in education. Basic training in the direction of obedience and consistency in the observance of the rules set by the owner is a great beginning of long term friendship. Please note that Hovawarts are very clever and will often try to “bend” a little bit the established rules, and once they will do it, then it is hard to unscrew then:) In addition, we must remember that Hovawart is not Golden Retriever and can snarl, show teeth, and sometimes even bite, and as the old adage says “prevention is better than cure”, so remind about training in the direction of obedience and daily work/play with your dog, this is no substitute for any school. To learn how we can spend time with our and what king of dog training school to choose, I invite you to the training department.

Hovawart must be provided with a daily movement (garden is not enough) and plays on walk with the owner. At least 5-20 minutes of daily exercise (in obedience, tracking) will strengthen our relationship with the dog and make that the walks will be no more monotonous.

Hovawart, as a dog with such a lush coat, does not require multiple treatments. Regular brushing (once a week/two weeks) the dog, since the age of puppy will get him used to this activity and prevent problems with tangles. Other nursery operations (cleaning the ears, teeth and clipping claws) should be performed according to the need.

Does HOVAWART is appropriate breed for me?

This question should ask anyone who is considering buying Hovawart. Because Hovawart breed is not suitable for everyone.
If you don’t like spending time outdoors, walking, pouring in the rain, and sometimes even dabbling in the mud, and you’re not patient and consistent Hovawart it is not a dog for you:). I propose to look for smaller, less demanding breed.

However, if you know that you’ll get up at dawn to go out for a walk with your dog, even in a terrible downpour, and you provide your dog a dose of training he needs (do not worry if you find a good coach, it will also be fun for you!), and also for your common good will consistently abide by the rules, and you are sure you will find time to play with your dog, you meet the basic requirements to become an owner of Hovawart:)))

Undecided I recommend the article “Hovawart as the Himalayas,” describing Hovawarts “backstage” by Julia Wolin.

If you still aren’t the owner of Hovawart, and you’re looking for a dog to training, dog shows, or simply to love – and you have any questions write or call.I would be happy to answer your questions.