Because this is the third, last, Carmen’s pregnancy it would seem that I should knew if she is pregnant. However, until the ultrasound I was not entirely sure, because Carmen did not give anything to know: she ran, played and even worked perfectly normal. Fortunately ultrasound dispel any doubts, at the first applied I could see three little ones :). From the fifth week of pregnancy I had the impression that Carmen is thicker than before, and in the seventh week has already reached a maximum thickness – picture. So it seemed to me, because in the eighth week of pregnancy she even more put on weight! Now walk to toddle on my leg, sometimes light trot if she is too far behind;). 02.09 We have entered the last nine week of pregnancy! Carmen already looks like she is going to gave a birth: groaning, gasping, most of the time sleeping and demands stroking unruly puppies that are jumping, doing flips and probably arrange races in the belly, because as I stroke it I feel it ;). A few photos from 59 and 60 days and we are waiting!

On 61st day of pregnancy, at 11:51 labor begin. 5 September 2013 year to nine puppies were born: two black and tan and two black boys and two black and tan and three black girls. Unfortunately, one black girl had a cleft palate:( and now only eight puppies left. Litter is very balanced, all puppies weigh about 500 grams. Photos of the first four days of life can be found here.
From three until sixteen day of puppies’ life we are going to make so called early neurological stimulation. What it is all about? Those are 5 simple exercises which are aimed to strengthen circulatory system, increasing resistance for stress and illnesses. Each puppy is given 3-5 sec. exercises, which consist of: touch stimulus, changing positions (vertical, horizontal, up side down) and term stimulation (puppy is lay down on wet, cold towel).

I do not know when it had passed, but I barely watched, and it’s time to sum up the first week of life of puppies from the litter K! Puppies attempt basics of walking, which for now they are not good at all ;), put on weight and are very lively.

Photos and videos from the first week of life litter K.

Puppies finished second week. They have already opened therir eyes and began to walk, although the thicker puppies while going sometimes somersaults ;)

Video and photos from the second week of life litter K.

Puppies are three weeks. They see, hear and run as fast as paws let them, not only in the kennel! Visiting new rooms they like very much and is always with a non-stop wagging tail ;)

Photos form the third week of puppies’ life.

The fourth week was magical. Every day was different and each bring something new to puppies’ life. They have been dewormed, come outside, ate the first meal from a bowl, learned about different species of animals – cats – and other dogs. We also have been visited by two hovies Aunts – Julia and Maria, who are now welcome for next time! Feet gained speed, the teeth sharpness and many of toys started to be attractive :)

Photos form the fourth week of puppies’ life.

Fifth week is over! It is safe to say that the puppies already look like little dogs! They even less sleep, play more and go for walks (now only in the garden). They also heard a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dryer, lawn mower and other equipment as loudy :)

Photos form the fifth week of puppies’ life.

Puppies are six weeks old. Of course I do not know when this passed! Their feet have taken the speed of light, and teeth have sharpened and leave distinctive marks on the legs and toys. We were visited by the first owners of the puppies, as well as a trainer and figurant Pavel Markusek from Markusek-Team school, who took puppies a few small tests;)

Photos form the sixth week of puppies’ life.

Seventh week has passed us on subsequent visits. With visit came to us the next hovies aunts Ania and Gosia, girls thank you very much for the great time spent together. We were visited by a vet and puppies have been vaccinated and chipped, they have also already had a passports :)

Photos form the seventh week of puppies’ life.
Movies by Ania Maj:


Puppies are eight weeks old. Thanks to incredibly beautiful golden autumn puppies go for walks every day with my mom and our mix Mała. They also are getting longer time of activity during the day, and thanks to the nice weather this time we can spend on the square area outside.

Photos form the eight week of puppies’ life.

In nineth week of puppies life there had been a litter control from Polish Kennel Club – all are correct and good for breeding. We also had been visited by hovie aunts – Kasia Hryniewicka, Dorota Mucha, Maria Kuncewicz and Julia Wolin. Girls thanks for visit!

Photos form the nine week of puppies’ life.

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