Jamal was my most faithful, and the first canine friend. I hope that last more than nine years together for Jamal was also as great as it was for me. He will always remain in our hearts and memories, and now he joined Baja over the Rainbow Bridge.

WOJMIR (Jamal) Tu Pilnuje born 3.04.2003y in first working kennel in Poland ‘Tu Pilnuje’, mother: IPO1, Int.Ch, Ch.Pl, Pl.Win.’03 JAGA z Radockiej Góry, father: IPO1, IPO2, Int.Ch, Jun.Ch.Pl, Ch.Pl, Ch.CR, Ch.SR NELLIK Las Księżniczek.
† Passed away 27.11.2012r.
STUD DOG PEDIGREE page 1, page 2
Breeding Code 66,b,CP10 (B6,H1,J4,L2) KPH
Height 66 cm
Weight 41,5 kg
Mental test passed on 28.08.2004
Club Breeding Test passed on 9.06.2007  page 1, 2, 3
Hips HD-A
Eyes free from diseases
Training PT1, PTT1, OB “0”,
Winner of Hovawart Club’ Sport Ranking 2005.
Titles International Show Champion (C.I.E.)
Polish Champion
Latvia Champion
Russia Champion
RKF Champion
Polish Junior Champion
Latvia Winner 20063 x Youth Winner
19 x CAC
10 x BOS
5 x res. CACIB
8 x BOB
5 x Best Veteran
III BIS Veteran
Offspring litter “A” born 20.11.2005, kennel “Stróż Rodziny”
female Ch.Pl CORI Królewska Kraina,
9 puppies: balck and tan 5/4

litter “A” born 1.11.2010, kennel “Srebrne Pole”
female C.I.E., Zw.Św., Mł.Zw.Eur.Śr.-Wsch., Zw.Pl, Mł.Ch.Pl, Ch.Pl, Ch. UA FANTA Słodka Dolina
11 puppies: black and tan 6/5

litter “F” born 1.11.2010, kennel
“Z Krainy Żabek”
female CAETE vom Riedemoor
8 puppies: black and tan 2/1
black: 4/1

1 year
    Autumn 2004                                 Winter 2004/2005
2 years
Summer 2005              Autumn 2005
Winter 2006
3 years
8 years
9 years