LITTER D z Krainy Żabek
born 23.04.2012y.

Hektor and Carmen: more photos

Mother: imported from Germany Polish Champion, HD-A, ED 0/0, free from eyes and heart diseases CAETE (Carmen) vom Riedemoor

Father: German stud dog: BH, AD, VPG1, FH1, FPr3, HD-A, free from eyes diseases ECCO (Hektor) vom Tyrolsberg

In days 22-24.02.2012 Carmen and Hektor consummated their acquaintance, and after a month we made USG, whitch confirmed that Carmen is pregnant! In her belly there are at least 5 puppies.


Step by step, paw by paw in other words photos and stages of evolution of litter D.

Name Health Trainings Shows Other
DRAGON HD-A, ED-0 exc./sg., Youth Winner, Polish Junior Champion, BOB NZB, mental tests passed, STUD DOG
DEDAL HD-A, ED-0 vv, exc./sg., Best Puppy, Youth Winner, Polish Junior Champion, CWC, r.CACIB, BOS, BOB, Polish Champion NZB
DESDEMONA  HD-A PT-1 exc./sg., Youth Winner, CWC, res.CACIB, BOS, BOB, Polish Champion NZB, mental tests passed, BREEDING FEMALE