Ultrasound confirmed my belief that Carmen is pregnant :). In Carmen’s daily life there are no special changes, except changing to more energy food, well, maybe there are more patting and touching;). At the beginning probably only I saw Carmen’s rounded tummy … but during Easter, in the middle of the seventh week of pregnancy, anyone who has looked at Carmen, confirmed my observation that she had strongly rounded ;). Here are a few photos of Easter Monday – water-prank day, during which Carmen fell the climate and decided to bathe in the pond;).
8th week of pregnancy. Carmen is gaining weight (photos). Increase of her belly is amazing, but unfortunately because of this the walks are actually just walking (well, maybe a slight jog), wild fun with her favorite dog friends are already, from about two weeks, past. Fortunately, the smile never leaves her mouth and she has constant joy of “jog” to owner and exercising even walking by foot or high five;). Puppies are already fidget in her stomach, it is quite easy to feel and soon it will be even easy to see! I do not know whether it’s their drilling and digging mommy is not revenge for the funding them such a rollercoaster on every walk ;).
19.04.2012r began 9th, the last weeks of pregnancy . Carmen get more on weight even though it seemed impossible. Walking is just walking, we can forget about running;). The weather is not conducive to taking pictures, but maybe I would be able to take picture of Carmen’s enormous tummy :) Like for the order, on the next day the sun shone. Photos of 58 and 60 day of pregnancy, now just waiting for a delivery!

23.04.2012 on 11:05 am the labor began, which lasted until 15:20 pm. At that time, Carmen has born 7 puppies: 5 black boys, 1 black and tan, and one black girl.Puppies are healthy, strong and quite big – the weight of boys at birth averaged over 600 g and girl was 490 g. Photos from the first two days of their lives.
On third day we had started so called early neurological stimulation, which will last until fiftheen day of puppies’ life. What it is all about? Those are 5 simple exercises which are aimed to strengthen circulatory system, increasing resistance for stress and illnesses. Each puppy is given 3-5 sec. exercises, which consist of: touch stimulus, changing positions (vertical, horizontal, up side down) and term stimulation (puppy is lay down on wet, cold towel). Here is something for visuals, the photos from third day. The fourth day brought not only photos but also movies of puppies. Enjoy watching.

Puppies finished first week. They are bigger, they are trying to walk, and their night “singing” makes me sleep less ;)

Photos and movies from first week of puppies’ life.

The second week had gone. Puppies have already opened their eyes, and surely put the steps, you can even say that they walk;). They have also doubled their birth weight and are becoming more similar to small hovawarts ;).

Photos and movies from second week of puppies’ life.

Third week turned our puppies into efficiently walking, hearing, seeing, barking and playing small hovies. In addition to the mother’s milk at the end of the week they started to get rice gruel with milk replacer for puppies, which they clearly like, what you can see in the pictures :). We have also started teaching clean – puppies have learned within a moment.

Photos and movies from third week.

At the beginning of the fourth week the veterinarian visited us. He examined all the puppies and they have been dewormed. Puppies are changing from day to day: more and more have fun, run well and have eat four times a day Eukanuba Puppy Start, after which they are drinking mothers’ milk. Almost the whole week we had bad weather, but as soon as it improved, we went for fencing and building square playground. From the next week as puppies grow up the playground will be enlarge with new attractions. For now, on the Sunday puppies had extra excitement in the form of six fire trucks on signal going through a field near our property – puppies enjoyed it ;) Also another owners and “hovi aunt” Karolina came with visit.

Photos from fourth week of puppies’ life.

Fifth week full of the visits! Came with visit the future owners, as well as friends and family, so the number of hands to caress and play was enough :). In addition, puppies were familiarized with the objects of everyday use: washing machine, lawn mower, dryer and dishwasher do not make any impression on them. Our square playground is growing up, and puppies are increasingly eager to enjoy new attractions.

Movies and photos from fifth week of puppies’ life.

Puppies finished sixth week – run faster than me, bite, tear, bark, and so on I could list forever ;) Subsequent visits of hovies aunts, Ania and Gosia, made us a lot of fun – puppies have played a lot with them and stroke on all sides, even massaged;) Girls, once again thanks for the great weekend!

Movies and photos from sixth week of puppies’ life.

Photo album from Ania Maj visit.

If so far it seemed to me that the puppies were visit during one week by many people, it’s true – it seemed to me. Seventh week of puppies life turned out to be the richest in visits. Puppies were firstly visited by three future families with the children, and next Agnieszka Stodolińska – another hovie aunt, owner of the kennel Srebrne Pole, where the father of her first litter was Jamal, the uncle of puppies. As you can see, Agnieszka could not miss, and we thank her that she was not estranged by so long journey! And the culmination of the week we had a real invasion hovawart celebrities: Dorota Mucha came to us with her female Witka and brought Iwona Piątkowiak, Maria Kuncewicz came with Grushenka and brought Julia Wolin, and Ola Pasko arrived with Bronka and brought Ewa Mleczko ;). I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful visits, sleepless nights and taking care of puppies for whom plenty of attractions, such as foreign dogs, a cat and a large number of people at one time was wonderful attraction for them.

Photos from seventh week of puppies’ life.

Photo album of Iwona Piątkowiak.

Photo album of Dorota Mucha.

Photo album of Julia Wolin.

Eighth week, for some puppies last spent in the kennel, passed very quickly. Puppies have met the pony, and were visited by another hovie aunt – Agnieszka Szurgot and her daughter Asia. At the end of the week the first three puppies left our kennel and went in the shorter and longer trips to their new homes.

Photos from eighth week of puppies’ life.