About us … so how it all started. At the end of year 2002, our family began to search for the perfect dog. The dog was supposed to be wise and gentle to us and to ou friends, and also brave enough to, if necessary, defend us. Of course, he has to realise our vision of a perfect-looking dog.
We considered different breeds, such as Golden Retriever and Newfoundland, we were even in the kennels to learn more about these dogs, but still they were missing something. The solution was a dog encyclopedia, containing descriptions and photos of 235 breeds. Each family member has studied it thoroughly, in private, then together we exchanged observations. It turned out that each of us chose Hovawart as an ideal candidate for a future family member!
And so, after a long search for good kennel, at the beginning of June 2003 came to our house a small, black and tan WOJMIR (Jamal) Tu Pilnuje. Less than a year and a half later, in November 2004, came to us a little, also black and tan, BAJA Chatka Zielarki. Baja was supposed to be a breeding female, so in 2005 we registered the kennel name “Z Krainy Żabek” (“From the Land of Frogs”). Why this name? There is a joke about a frog:

In the jungle there is a general meeting of the animals. Lion decided to divide them into beautiful and wise. Beautiful had to stand on the left, wise on the right. In the middle the frog remained.
Lion asks: “And why are you standing in the middle?”
The frog said: “I cannot split”

And HOVAWART is just like that: and beautiful and wise!

Unfortunately, at the beginning of year 2006 Baja was diagnosed with cancer in the abdomen. Sarcoma was removed surgically, but Baja had got internal hemorrhaging on the way home and died in my arms ;(. Anything can fill our emptiness and longing for Baja, and the decision to buy another girl was very difficult for us.We knew that she will be black, so she doesn’t look like Baja. With help of our great friends we have booked a black female in German kennel vom Riedemoor. We have visited CAETE, in home called Carmen, when she was 5 weeks, and at the end of May 2006 we brought her home. In the meantime we found Mała (Little), a mix that looked like hound. Mała, now not so little anymore;), is a persistent companion of Jamal’s and Carmen’s plays.